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Business Services Overview

Pyramid customizes its business
services to meet your specific needs.

Recruitment Services

Pyramid will help you recruit potential hires based on your screening criteria.  You'll find qualified applicants more quickly and you'll also lower your interview-to-hire ratio. For example, Pyramid can provide you with a simple service such as listing your job order, or a more comprehensive service such as assisting you in developing a hiring campaign. 

Pyramid Partnership is funded by the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership to provide FREE business services to Chicagoland employers.  Pyramid offers a full array of services designed to make it easier and more cost-effective for you to attract, retain, and develop top-notch talent. The business services, available to you free-of-charge, are outlined in the section that follow.  Please go to our funder page to find out more about The Partnership.

Informational Services

Pyramid provides workshops on a variety of workforce topics including:

- Workforce Investment and Opportunities Act 
- Compliance with ADA  
- Unemployment Insurance
- Workplace Diversity  
- Certification and Industry Standards
- Employment Statistics
- Labor Market Data
- Sexual Harassment
- Workplace Violence 

Workforce Consulations

Pyramid will conduct needs assessments to help you determine your workforce needs, identify job tasks, and develop career paths. Pyramid staff will work with you to design and implement a plan of action that incorporates all necessary and allowable business services.

Resource Access Services

Pyramid provides information in TIFWorks and assistance in applying for tax credits and hiring incentives. Pyramid also will link you to other services available through the City of Chicago and Cook County.

Retention Services

Once hired, Pyramid will help you reduce turnover by assisting your WIOA employees in staying on the job.  Retention services available to your Pyramid hires include tutorials, job coaching, skill remediation, and career planning. In addition, Pyramid offers mentoring, personal counseling, and other supportive services to your WIOA employees basic on their individual needs.

Training Services 

Pyramid will assist you in obtaining skills training for your employees.  Training formats available: 

- On-the-Job Training for new hires 
- Customized Training for potential hires  
- Incumbent Worker Training for current employees  

Each training design also has unique features and requirements which will be explained to you in detail by Pyramid staff. 

Downsizing Services

Pyramid will provide outplacement services directly to your downsized employees. These services include resume writing and interviewing workshops, plus help with finding another job.